The better half of Flea and Frankie Rayder

Picture of Flea better half of Frankie Rayder.
Picture of Frankie Rayder better half of Flea
The marriage of this actor and this persona started in 2005 and we have no record of its current status. They have had a child.
The marriage between Flea and Frankie Rayder lasts for 18 years.18
Flea and Frankie Rayder had have 1 children1
Flea born in 1962, about Frankie Rayder we lack data on his year of birth,.
Flea zodiac sign is libra61 years old
Flea was born in Melbourne, Victoria Australia but we do not know where Frankie Rayder was born Frankie Rayder.
Flea was born in Melbourne,  Victoria Australia1962
Flea was 43 years old when she married, of Frankie Rayder we do not have that information.

Flea is libra while for Frankie Rayder we do not know its zodiac sign.
Flea zodiac sign is libra
Flea is 168, we do not know the height of Frankie Rayder.
The height of Flea is 168 cm168 cm

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